Green Learning

EcoAct Tanzania believes that education is essential for building a progressive community. It is through education that the youth can develop their minds, nurture their talents, and acquire life skills as they fulfill their dreams of improving their lives not only for themselves but as a concern and responsible citizen in the community. It is through this fervent belief that we Manufacture durable and less expensive school desks from recycled plastic timber and create an end to schools in under privileged area lacking desk furniture.

Approximately 95 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to classroom desks which impacts on their handwriting, performance and concentration. In some cases children receive their lessons under trees or in classrooms without desks, requiring them to balance their work on the floor, their laps or on their chairs.

A Green Learning project has not only found a solution to plastic waste, but a solution to an educational product for children in need of desks at underprivileged schools as a unique Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment Project. This allows the children to not only feel dignity but also be inspired. One day hoping these children will leave a legacy.

The Green Plastic Wood Desk is durable, hardwearing and recyclable. Each desk is made up of 100% recycled plastic, which was previously being sent to landfill or for incineration.

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