Solid waste management is one of the environmental problems that most African cities are struggling to manage. As the number of residents in most cities is increasing so is the production of solid waste. Very unfortunate, effective environmental and sustainable measures to manage the waste are lacking. Tanzania generates about 3,800 tones waste every day of which 38% is plastic waste. Plenty of solid wastes can be found everywhere within the city and around homes. While both the local administrators and environmental legal bodies understands the health risks involved, the lack of financial and technological capability has left the city residents grasping for help. Landfill and burning is the most common method used in Dar-es-salaam.

On the other hand, we saw our forests are fast depleting, the growing demand for timber in building and construction activities was putting a lot of pressure on the country’s forests (Tanzania loses 300,000 to 400,000 hectares of forest every year). If nothing was done quickly, Tanzania would suffer irreparable environmental damage. We realized that If only we could produce an alternative product to timber that was strong, longer lasting, cheaper and environmentally sustainable, we could definitely profit from the profitable timber market while helping to save Tanzania’s forests.

Our three years strategic plan ensures the withdraw over 2.5 million kilograms of post consumer waste plastic from the environment and use them to manufacture plastic lumbers hence save an estimated 250 acres of forest that would have been cut, same time we will be preventing 2,500 Tons of Carbon dioxide gas emissions further mitigating the climate change and creating 300 direct jobs

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