Green Initiative by EcoAct-Tanzania

EcoAct Tanzania, is a social enterprise established to address the challenges of urban post consumer plastic waste management, plastic pollution, deforestation and climate change. 

We use our innovative, chemical free plastics extrusion technology called  "Waxy 2 Technology" the technology enables us to recycle and transform post consumer waste plastic into durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber. Plastic lumber is an affordable alternative to timber, which reduces the need for building material manufactured from wood, helping to preserve forests, cut down on deforestation rates and effects of climate change. Plastic lumber made from recycled waste plastics are ideal product for building, construction,fencing and furniture making.

Vision: To become globally recognized for manufacturing of affordable, durable and first class quality eco-friendly building materials from recycled plastic waste.

Mission: To employ innovate environmental friendly solutions that save the environment from deforestation, pollution and climate change while creating sustainable jobs by manufacturing and selling eco-friendly quality building products that exceed the expectations of customers.

Advantages of Using Our Plastic Lumbers ( Manufacture from Waste Plastics )

Durability: They replicate timber and clay equivalents but outlast them in application. The products have a life expectancy of over 30 years, with minimal degradation.

Cost effective: This is particularly in terms of the ‘life cost’ of the products. There are significant cost savings due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements.

Aesthetic finish: The products have a modern finishing with unbeatable quality and appearance. Our products look fantastic and have a regular shape with a smooth finish.

Insect Resistant: They cannot rot, become dump (allowing algae growth) and termites cannot feed on them.

Easy to work with: Traditional wood-working tools such as hammer and fencing staples can be used install the plastic fencing posts. The products can be cut, drilled, nailed as easily as timber.

Plastic lumber

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